Let’s Start From the Very Beginning

A view of San Luis Obispo  with Bishops's Peak on the right and Cerro San Luis on the left

A view of San Luis Obispo with Bishops’s Peak on the right and Cerro San Luis on the left

Welcome to SLO and on a Budget, a blog for the broke college student looking for easy and affordable activities in the San Luis Obispo area. With college classes, jobs, clubs, and other commitments, students are often searching for a source of stress release to have some fun. However, “stress release” often comes with quite the price tag. San Luis Obispo offers inexpensive opportunities for students to have a good time, both on and off campus, that one might not be aware of.

Other blogs that relate to the adventures offered in San Luis Obispo include No Place Like SLO. This blog provides insight on why San Luis Obispo is a city like no other. From the history of San Luis Obispo, to the top ten places to visit, this blog helps you learn why San Luis Obispo is known to be one of the happiest places to live. Another blog offering insight to living in SLO is Struggles of a Cal Poly Student, focusing on the challenges a Cal Poly student faces throughout their 4 years here. (This blog supports my claim of needing a stress release very, very well.) Covering the difficulties of switching majors to finding the best study spot for you, the blog provides advice on how to trouble shoot these areas.

In regards to aesthetics, I hope to model my blog off of San Luis Obispo Vocals, Humans of San Luis Obispo, and SLO Cuisine. San Luis Obispo Vocals presents their blog in a black and white color scheme that catches the eye and adds a classy touch. Humans of San Luis Obispo opens their site with an easily accessible format in which you can click on different pictures to reach each story. SLO Cuisine provides an array of videos and pictures that keeps the blog colorful and easy on the eye.

With lots of things to do in the area, this blog will be buzzing with information of the newest and most popular locations to visit. I will try my hardest to stay up to date with new activities coming to SLO, but most of all, the new deals! Thank you, and check back in soon with some new hot spots to add to your SLO bucket list!


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