Take a Minute for Some Reflection

The creation of this blog has been both exciting and stressful. As a student myself at Cal Poly, I found it interesting to indulge myself in looking deeper into the things available to do in my surroundings. And to my luck, over 1,200 visitors from all over the world have also seemed interested in the opportunities SLO brings. This blog has received visitors from not only the United States, but also countries such as Guam, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine and more. I have even received comments, likes, and follows from those who are true investors on the information I have provided.

Many readers have found my information to be helpful and useful. “We didn’t realize how much fun stuff we were missing out on,” said Shreya Pramanick who reads the blog from her apartment in San Fransisco. “I had so much fun reading it and learned a lot about San Luis Obispo,” said Kate Houston from Eugene, Oregon. People from all over look towards my blog as a way to plan their visits and get excited for the fun ahead of them. The most popularly read posts are those on the Tri-Tip Challenge and the Farmers’ Market.

Visitors also enjoy the use of multimedia. Some said that the pictures add more appeal to the writing while others loved interacting with the map incorporating different coffee places in the area.


In fact, visitors like the use of multimedia so much that they would like to see more of it. Mitchel Benson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications & Media Relations at Los Rios Community College District, noted that the use of media was his favorite part of the blog and would love to see it even more frequently in my posts. He advises that I create more polls and posts that can reach out to the reader and learn about what they want to hear. Other readers would like to see more pictures to break up the writing and add some “flair” to the site.

Most views are coming from clicks on Facebook and Twitter, however, my blog is also getting attention through search engine searches such as Google, Bing, and even Yahoo. I think it is essential to continue advertising my blog on all different forms of social media. Networking is the best way to create conversation and interest and I want as many people as possible to learn about the insight I have on San Luis Obispo. I hope to create traffic such as the traffic received by blogs such as the travel blog Road Essays or the cooking blog A Whisk and a Spoon.

I look forward to diving in more to the activities here in SLO and urge any readers to send me feedback as they wish.


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