SLO Sushi

With San Luis Obispo so close to the ocean, it is no surprise that sushi is such a popular choice for dining. From cheap and quick, to more pricey and authentic, there is a sushi place for everyone. Here are three of the top sushi places found in SLO.

Aisuru Sushi

Aisuru Sushi is great for the casual sushi dining experience. The menu includes a section of 1/2 off sushi options with rolls for as low as $3, but also offers more elaborate rolls ranging from $6 to $11. The menu also consists of rice bowls and “A la Carte” items for those who aren’t in the mood for sushi. When spending over $12, costumers receive free edamame, miso soup, and mochi ice cream. This is also one of the best places in SLO for celebrating a birthday. The restaurant turns on lively music, turns off the lights, and puts a spot light on the birthday person. They even have a “It’s My Birthday” sign to take pictures accompanying your free mochi treat. Located on Monterey Street, the restaurant offers take-out, catering, and the ability to make reservations.

Pictured above is Aisuru's Bonzai Roll located in the half off section of the menu.

Pictured above is Aisuru’s Bonzai Roll located in the half off section of the menu.

Kokoro Sushi Grill

Kokoro Sushi Grill is located on the outskirts of downtown SLO, generating less traffic. Kokomo is rarely crowded and has quick service with good products. The menu includes everything from the classic sushi rolls, to teriyaki, tempura, and even a couple of Korean options. With over 50 rolls to choose from and even the choice of a sushi combo, every taste bud can be satisfied. Kokoro also offers a lunch special everyday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. that includes a lot of food for inexpensive prices. Although this isn’t the restaurant with the best quality sushi, it definitely has the greatest prices. Costumers love its late night hours and great happy hour deals on sushi and sake bombs.

Pictured above is Kokomo's Crunch Roll with sides of Sashimi.

Pictured above is Kokomo’s Crunch Roll with sides of Sashimi.

Goshi Japanese Restaurant

If you are interested in a little higher class and authentic sushi, Goshi is the place for you. Something about the fish and rice here is just so much fresher than other sushi places. Although the dinner combinations are around $17, a little pricey for the average college student, the meal comes loaded with food including miso soup, salad, rice, shrimp dumplings, tempura, 4 piece California roll as well as your chosen teriyaki entre. Leftovers are a must with this order, but who wouldn’t like a second meal the next day. The menu offers a large array of food from chicken cutlets, broiled fish, multiple teriyaki options, and, of course, sushi. The length of the sushi menu is smaller here than other places, but I believe the quality surpasses the quantity. The atmosphere at Goshi is a little more fancy, which is accompanied by higher prices. But these prices are worth the quality of the amazing sushi.

Pictured above is Goshi's teriyaki chicken dinner combination plate. The $17 meal is filled with food.

Pictured above is Goshi’s teriyaki chicken dinner combination plate. The $17 meal is filled with food.

So next time you’re craving some sushi, or even just a taste of some culture, try out these restaurants.


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